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See Your Future – Education & Career Fair

See Your Future

See Your Future – Education & Career Fair

Saskatoon, SK – October 30th, 2023

Regina, SK – October 31st, 2023

In the last 26 years, more and more schools, counselors, and leaders from different countries have become very interested. They are actively working to attract students and give them advanced information in specific areas they care about.

See Your Future takes place biannually in Saskatoon and Regina, drawing thousands of students from across Saskatchewan who want to discover the many opportunities waiting for them.

Students have the chance to address crucial inquiries regarding their post-high school life:

  • Where will I pursue my studies?
  • Where will I find accommodation?
  • What scholarships can I access?
  • Which program is necessary to attain my desired career?

St. Peter’s College (SPC) was well-equipped to provide solutions to these inquiries through their dedicated student services.

Universities, colleges, and organizations offering specialized training contribute their expertise and innovative insights across various fields. Students receive comprehensive information through literature, technology demonstrations, seminar presentations, and personalized consultations.

St. Peter’s College Student Services participated in this career expo at both Saskatoon and Regina locations, hosting an interactive display booth. They skillfully addressed potential students’ concerns, providing insight into the facilities and the quality of education offered at St. Peter’s College.

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