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Christmas Party – 2023

Christmas party

Christmas Party – 2023

As the winter breeze brought a touch of holiday magic, St. Peter’s College came alive with the warmth and joy of the Christmas season. Students gathered for a memorable Christmas party, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter, fellowship, and festive cheer.


The exciting part of the celebration was the variety of tasty Christmas cookies that everyone wanted to try, some talented students showcased their creativity by crafting wonderful cookie houses. Students indulged in the festive spirit, exchanging cookies and spreading the joy of the season.


Everyone had a lot of fun playing games inside. The students enjoyed competing in a friendly way, and it helped bring everyone closer together.

The highlight of the evening was the heartwarming dinner, where students, Elaine Hulse from faculty, campus ministry (Reverend Marie-Louise Ternier and Father Lawrence DeMong, OSB) and Student Services came together to share a delicious meal. Their being there showed how SPC is a place where everyone feels included and supported.

As the SPC Christmas party ended, it left us with happy memories and a feeling of being together. The event was not just about celebrating Christmas; it also showed that SPC is dedicated to making a lively and welcoming place where students can do well in both their studies and friendships.

To remember the special moments of the Christmas party, please enjoy the picture gallery.

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