President Message

President Message

Since ground was broken in 1921 beginning the construction of St. Peter’s College, there has been a level of excitement and energy in the building. From its inception as a high school, St. Peter’s College has risen to become a leader in the delivery of post-secondary education in East-Central Saskatchewan. Even today, more than 80 years later, St. Peter’s College is undergoing a significant transformation that will better enable us to deliver an enhanced level of programming to our students.

Welcome to the St. Peter’s College website. There are a number of reasons to be excited about St. Peter’s College. In the fall of 2008, we launched the Key to Success Capital Campaign and recently announced multi-million dollar contributions from the Federal and Provincial governments, in addition to thousands of dollars of support from the surrounding community and members of the St. Peter’s College alumni. In the spring of 2009, we announced partnerships with Carlton Trail Regional College, the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as the College of Nursing and Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. These partnerships will continue to increase the availability of post-secondary education opportunities for our students.

St. Peter’s College is committed to the economic development of the East-Central area of Saskatchewan and the province as a whole. We embrace our roots as a rural post-secondary institution and will continue to build partnerships that allow us to deliver on our commitment to become a Rural Centre of Excellence for education, training and research.

We are excited about you becoming a part of the experience here at St. Peter’s College. By attending St. Peter’s College you will join our distinguished alumni, which includes high level executives, successful business owners and community leaders. Coupled with our award winning faculty, dedicated staff, and unique collegiate environment, St. Peter’s College will provide you with one of the best post-secondary educational opportunities available and serve as your own key to future success.

St. Peter’s College will provide you with the opportunity to live your education.

Best wishes for all your future studies.