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Medieval Feast – 2024


Medieval Feast – 2024

At St. Peter’s College! On Tuesday, February 13, everyone at the college, including St. Peter’s Abbey, students, teachers, staff and guests, got together to have a special party called the Medieval Feast. It felt like we were living in the Middle Ages again!

Medieval Feast 2024

Ever-charming Elaine Hulse, a seasoned faculty member, put together the event. She made sure it would be a fun night with good food and entertainment that made everyone feel like royalty. Sobeys Humboldt kindly gave us bread trenchers to make the feast even more authentic.

The food was really tasty, with yummy dishes like chicken, mac & cheese, and mixed vegetables served in bread bowls. St. Peter’s Kitchen made it all with care, making us feel like we were eating in medieval times.

While people enjoyed the delicious food, they also got to listen to live music and play games that reminded them of what entertainment was like in medieval times. Brother Benedict and Brother Kurt played beautiful classical music that made the evening even more special.

The most exciting part of the night was when brave knights were given special honors during a knighting ceremony. After that, they had a friendly fight. Everyone was so excited, cheering for their favorite knights.

The students also had fun playing games such as “pass the parcel.”

Ultimately, the Medieval Feast wasn’t just a gathering—it was like going back in time, celebrating our history, togetherness, and the lasting connections that bring us together.

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