Apply Now

1. Before you apply

Find a program

Consider talking to an advisor, booking a tour, or exploring the 70+ programs that St. Peter’s College offers. Not sure what program you’re interested in? No worries – talk to an advisor today to explore your options and develop a personal plan that’s relevant for you.

Learn the admission requirements and deadlines

Make sure you meet the admission requirements such as required grade 12 classes, minimum admission averages, and proficiency in English.

Apply early to take advantage of benefits like early admission and access to scholarships. Some scholarship applications are due before the application deadline.

2. Apply for admission

Applying to St. Peter’s College

Complete the St. Peter’s College application. The application is free and takes approximately 5 minutes. Your social insurance number may be required. 

Note: Students may be admitted to St. Peter’s College before their USASK application is complete, but you will be unable to register for classes without admissions to USASK. 

Applying to the University of Saskatchewan

Complete your application to the University of Saskatchewan. This application costs $90 CDN and can take about 30 minutes to complete. You may start an application, save it, and return to it at any time. You can set St. Peter’s College (Muenster) as your primary campus, or make this change later. Advisors are available to help you with this process.

You will need to have:

  • Your educational history
  • A credit card for $90 of application fees
  • Supplemental documents can be submitted after you apply (see below)

Note: It is possible for University of Regina students to attend St. Peter’s College, but we recommend talking to an advisor to assist with this.

3. After you apply

Changing your application

You can make changes to a St. Peter’s College application by submitting your request, along with your full name and date of birth to

You can make changes to a USASK application by submitting your request, along with your full name and date of birth to

Check your status

If you applied using USASK’s application system, you can log back into your profile to view the status of your application, required documents or the status of your sent documents.

Submit your required documents

It is important to:

  • check your application status to learn what documents we will need to consider you for admission. You will also be able to see when items you submit have been received.
  • submit documents before the documents deadline which are listed with the application deadlines.

Commonly requested supplemental documents include:


Transcripts or report cards are used to calculate your admission average and to determine whether you have met or will meet prerequisite requirements for your program.

If you are in high school

Saskatchewan students

Request official transcripts to be sent directly to the University of Saskatchewan by the Ministry of Education:

  • as soon as possible,
  • after January exams 2021 and
  • after June exams 2021.
TIP: If you submit all of your transcript releases in the same transaction, you will only need to pay the fee once. We suggest sending current transcripts and your July transcripts to St. Peter’s College, the University of Saskatchewan, and yourself all at once.

International and out of province students

  • After you have applied, upload a copy of your most up-to-date report card or transcript.
  • When you graduate, arrange to have your final, official transcript of marks sent directly to the University of Saskatchewan via postal mail or courier by the appropriate authority, such as your school, school board or governmental organization.

Ordering transcipts in Canada

International Baccalaureate (IB) students

  • After applying for admission, upload a statement of your anticipated/predicted IB scores.
  • Upon completion of your IB examinations, arrange for your official IB transcript of grades to be sent directly to the University of Saskatchewan by the IB organization.

Advanced Placement (AP) students

  • After completing AP examinations, arrange to have your transcript sent directly to the University of Saskatchewan (designated institutional code: 0980) by the College Board.
If you have taken class in college or university
  • When required, upload a copy of your most recent transcript showing marks for all the classes you’ve completed and listing classes still in progress.
  • Arrange to have final, official transcript(s) mailed or couriered directly to the University of Saskatchewan by the institution(s) you attended.

English language proficiency

You may be asked to show evidence that you are proficient in English to ensure you are prepared to study at USask. If you’ve taken a standardized test, you will need to arrange for your results to be sent directly to the University of Saskatchewan from the testing centre.

Recruitment, Admissions and Transfer Credit
University of Saskatchewan 
105 Administration Place 
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2 Canada

You can learn more about english language proficiency standards directly off the University of Saskatchewan’s website.

Accept your offer

When a decision has been made regarding your application, you will be notified as soon as possible. If you receive an offer of admission, accept your offer in the application system to become a USask student. You must accept your USASK offer to study at St. Peter’s College.

Plan to start

If you haven’t already done so, you should apply for scholarships at the University of Saskatchewan and St. Peter’s College, as you will remain eligible for both.

You should also consider reaching out to an advisor to book a tour or advising appointment.