Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry, dubbed the “digging deeper” team, provides spiritual guidance and fosters community and faith at St. Peters College. Some duties may include counselling students, organizing group activities and overseeing administrative tasks.

The Campus Ministry will work with students on Christian and secular matters to explore faith and provide guidance. In addition, they will conduct a variety of religious and administrative tasks to build relationships with students and on- and off-campus organizations that serve students.

They will work with student services and the Student Government body to develop messages and events. Campus Ministry will provide various opportunities for prayer and reflection to students, staff and faculty. In addition, they will offer spiritual counselling and promote spirituality through worship.


Campus Ministry Team

Digging Deeper

Are you looking for a purpose or meaning in life?
Any idea how to find it?
Have you lost your courage?
Feel like giving up some days?
Are you stressed out over exams?
Need time out?
Do any of these questions stand out to you? Do you want to find out more?

Call or email the campus ministry to dig deeper!

Phone number 306-231-7177

A welcome note from Digging Deeper

"Digging Deeper," the Campus Ministry team is here to say hello and open its doors to staff, faculty, and students.