When considering the cost of a year at St. Peter’s College, the following must be taken into consideration:

Costs for tuition are calculated on a category 1-9 basis.  When you are looking at a course, you will note that each class has a number, such as ENG 113.3.  The “.3” is the number of credit units for this class.  Classes are usually 3 credits for a term class or 6 credit units for two terms (full year).

Tuition Costs 2023-2024

  Domestic International
Application for Admission
(Paying to the USask)
$90.00 $90.00
Category 1: 3 credit units
$682.00 $2,383.00
Category 2: 3 credit units
(e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)
$729.00 $2,524.00
Category 4: 1 credit unit
Engineering and engineering-related classes
(e.g. MATH 133, PHYS 152, CHEM 146)
$264.00 $907.00
Category 5: 3 credit units
$705.00 $2,466.00
Category 6: 3 credit units
$712.00 $2,491.00
Category 8: 3 credit units
Computer Science
$790.00 $2,740.00
Category 9: 3 credit units
A&S Special Category
(e.g. Art, Drama, Math, Psychology, Statistics)
$742.00 $2,596.00
Student Fees & Information Services  $10.00 per credit unit $20.00 per credit unit
Audit Only Fee 50% of course 50% of course

A 3 credit unit class lasts one term.  A student with a full load takes 5 classes (15 credit units) per term.  For the purposes of student loans, a student taking 3 classes (9 credit units) per term is considered to be a full-time student. Engineering students can exceed 15 credit units per term. Students may invoke additional expenses with the University of Saskatchewan. 


All fees quoted are based on Canadian dollars, are in effect for the 2023-2024 academic year, and are subject to change.

  • There is a non-refundable $35.00 per course charge for late enrolment.

  • Students who have outstanding accounts with St. Peter’s College or the University of Saskatchewan will not be allowed to register in, add, or change classes.

Other Costs

Housing and Meals
St. Peter’s College provides on-campus housing at Severin Hall. There are various healthy, balanced, hot meal plans that are available to our students. Meals are served in the dining room at 8:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. Meal plans are available for those students who live off-campus as well as to on-campus students.

Residence & Meal Plan

Electrified parking is available to students at $100.00 per school year. A non-electrified spot is available for free.

Textbooks & Supplies

Textbooks – can be purchased new or used from the U of S bookstore. There are also buy & sell groups on social media and websites that are meant for used university textbooks.

Art Supplies – please speak to Grant McConnell – Grant orders art supplies for the students

How, where, and when do I pay my fees?

Payment Information Important Dates

What if I am a Senior Citizen or Special Status Student?

Senior Citizen & Special Status Students

Tax Reciepts

St. Peter’s College will issue a Tuition and Education Credit Certificate (T2202A) for tax purposes. 
If you are currently registered at St. Peter’s College, you may pick up your tax certificate at the Finance Office.  Otherwise, it will be mailed to the most current address on file.

Tax certificates will be ready for pick up by students by the last week of February following the end of the taxation year.
If you were registered during the previous academic year, you may pick up your tax certificate at the Finance Office.
Otherwise, it will be mailed to your most current permanent address on file, by the last week of February following the end of the taxation year. 

Please help us by providing St. Peter’s College with any address changes.  It is your responsibility to keep St. Peter’s College updated with your current address.  All correspondence will be sent to the most current address on file.
Address changes can be sent to the Finance Office.