Payment Deadlines

Payment Deadlines

Payment of fees can be made with a one-time payment for both terms or you may pay each term separately.

For all first-term classes in which you are registered, fees are due on the last Friday in September.  All second-term classes in which you are registered have a payment deadline date of the last Friday in January. If fees are not paid on or before the deadline date, a Late Payment Fee of 1.5% will be charged monthly (19.6% annually) on any past due balance until the balance is paid in full.

Entrance awards from The University of Saskatchewan will be paid in late October.  St. Peter’s College students must request their U of S Scholarships to be directed to them by emailing to make the request.  (Cheques will be mailed to the address listed on the student’s PAWS account unless otherwise specified.)  If you are waiting for this payment to settle your account with St. Peter’s College, please notify the Finance Office.  Arrangements can be made so that no late payment penalties will be added to your account.

Students who add a class after a payment deadline must pay their fees immediately for that class or risk incurring a Late Payment Fee.

Failure to make payments by the stated deadlines will result in the withholding of future services by St. Peter’s College and the University of Saskatchewan, and in some cases, may result in the termination of your student status.  Be advised that you will not receive grades or transcripts, will not receive your parchments upon graduation, and will not be eligible for re-registration until all outstanding accounts have been cleared with the Finance Office.  Non-payment of fees does not constitute an official withdrawal from St. Peter’s College or the University of Saskatchewan.  You must complete all class withdrawals through PAWS.