Scholarships from St. Peter's College

St. Peter’s College is proud to award an excess of $107,400 in scholarships every year to our students, including entering, bridging, and exiting students. This sum, combined with our small applicant base, maximizes our students’ chances of receiving our scholarships.

In addition to the number of scholarships available, the criteria for scholarships are wide-ranging. Our scholarships are not given out based solely on marks. We reward community participation, leadership, and initiative. We also take into consideration the financial need of applicants when selecting our scholarship recipients. We strongly encourage all St. Peter’s College students to apply for our scholarships!

The deadline to apply for St. Peter's College Scholarships and Awards are June 20, 2022.  Successful applicants will be notified in August. St. Peter's College Scholarships and awards are presented to recipients at the Awards Ceremony.

How to Apply for Scholarships

Before applying, please read through the SPC Scholarships and Awards Descriptions. This document outlines all of the scholarships we offer and the supporting documents needed for each scholarship.

The online application cannot be saved; you must finish it in one sitting. This will take approximately 30 minutes.

Accelerated scholarship information is available here.

SPC Scholarship and Awards Descriptions

Once you have found which scholarships you qualify for, gathered all of your documents, and have calculated your finances, click the link below to apply. 

2021 SPC Scholarship and Awards Application

If you have any questions or need help with your application, please email or call (306) 682-7886 for assistance.

When you apply for our scholarships you will be asked to provide supporting documents.  These may include:
  • Personal statements about community service, your career goals, and/or why you are seeking financial support
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Endorsements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • High school transcripts - these are not required by June 21; Please email a copy of your final transcript as soon as you receive it in early July 
  • University transcripts (if applicable) – Please email an unofficial PDF copy by June 21
These documents are to be emailed to 
  • Please ensure that the file name for each document contains your full name.  
  • Please ensure that each document is a PDF or Word file

Another supporting document needed for some scholarships is the Financial Need Statement.  

Please note that this is included in our online application.  

You are allowed to skip this section, but this may disqualify you from some scholarships.  

If you do choose to fill this section out, please be prepared to estimate expenses, assets, and financial support available during your pre-study and study period. We created a quick worksheet for you to complete to help calculate your expenses.  

You can find the  worksheet here. 

Please note that the Fr. Albert Ruetz Mathematics Scholarship is valued at $400 instead of the advertised $750