How do I apply to St. Peter's College?

Many students and parents are intimidated by the process of applying to university.  St. Peter's College Student Services can help make the admission and class registration process easy.  Student Services are available to take you on a tour of the College, answer questions, and provide academic advising and course registration help. 

Please book an appointment with St. Peter's College Student Services.   Our friendly staff will help you apply to the University of Saskatchewan and St. Peter's College.  Should you choose to apply without help from Student Services, please see admission procedures

St. Peter's College welcomes students of all religions and faiths and adheres to the same admission standards as the University of Saskatchewan.

How do I pay for tuition?

Tuition is payable to St. Peter's College.  Please see tuition payment.  Remember that you should apply for the many scholarships that are available or you should look into obtaining a student loan.

Where do I purchase my books?

Students can begin purchasing their books online from the Univeristy of Saskatchewan Bookstore from the moment they register for classes.  We recommend that you order right at the end of August so that you can make returns within the specified time.  The bookstore ordering page is located here.

Where could I live while attending St. Peter's College?

Students have several choices for living arrangements.  The College has student residences.  Apartments, rooms and suites are available for rent in the area.

How much information can St. Peter's College tell my parents?

We respect that parents are interested in how their sons or daughters are doing in university.  Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, St. Peter's College cannot give out any information about its students, even if parents are paying for tuition or residence fees.

How can I be successful in my studies?

The switch from high school to university classes can be stressful for some students.  There is usually considerably more reading and longer assignments that are required.  We encourage you to attend the sessions at the Academic Centre for Excellence where you can develop skills to help be successful in your academics.  We also encourage you to ask for help from your instructor before you get overwhelmed.  All of the staff and faculty at St. Peter's College are committed to the success of our students.