U of S - Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The pre-veterinary course requirements are usually met in a College of Arts and Sciences or a College of Agriculture.  The pre-veterinary course requirements, listed below, consist of 60 units of required and elective courses.  See the Western College of Veterinary Medicine website for more information.  At least 30 credit units (1 full year) of the prerequisites may be completed at St. Peter’s College.


6 credit units General Biology (with lab) (BIOL 120.3 and 121.3 at U of S)

3 credit units Genetics (with lab) (BIOL 226.3.3 at U of S)

3 credit units Introductory Microbiology (with lab) 

6 credit units General Chemistry (with lab) (Chem 112.3 and Chem 115.3 at U of S)

3 credit units Organic Chemistry (with lab) (Chem 250.3 at U of S)

3 credit units Biochemistry (with lab) 

6 credit units Mathematics or Statistics (Math 110.3, Math 116.3 or Stats 244.3 at U of S)

3 dredit units Physics (Physics 115.3 at U of S)

6 credit units English Literature and Composition (Eng 110.6 or two of Eng 111.3, 112.3, 113.3, 114.3 at U of S; OR Lit 110.6 or FR 121.3 (or 122.3) and 125.3

21 credit units of elective courses