St. Peter’s College, in conjunction with the College of Education, is pleased to provide programming that allows students to complete the first year of the Bachelor of Education program in a one of a kind environment. Students will participate in a specialized learning communities providing an introduction to the profession, will have access to volunteer experiences that will reinforce their commitment to children and youth, and will benefit from the education excellence and academic support offered through this rural college experience. The Education experience at St. Peter’s College culminates with a school based in experience in a rural setting. The partnership with the Horizon School Division and the Greater Saskatoon School Division results in a rural experience unique in the province.


Elementary/Middle Years

If you want to teach students in Kindergarten through Grade 8, choose the Elementary/Middle Years level. The curriculum offers a general approach to various subjects to provide a wide exposure to the subjects and teaching methods you will use in elementary and middle years classrooms.


If you want to teach students in Grades 9 through 12, choose the Secondary level. You will specialize in two teaching areas to concentrate your expertise in specific high school subjects.