Engineering at St. Peter's College

Through a partnership with the University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering, St. Peter's College now offers you the ability to start your Engineering degree in Muenster, getting the benefit of small class sizes and excellent instruction.

St. Peter’s College courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who are approved by the University of Saskatchewan and dedicated to offering you the best in education.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (B.E.) extends over four years. There are nine fields of specialization: Biological, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Engineering Physics, Environmental, Geological, and Mechanical Engineering.

The work completed in the first year provides the theoretical and mathematical base necessary for specialization in the upper years, but at the same time shows how the fundamentals are applied to the solution of engineering problems. 

Upon completion of the first year, St. Peter’s College students move to the U of S main campus to continue their studies. St. Peter’s students must meet the same promotion standards as U of S students in order to move into the second year of study. Please contact Student Services for more information on promotion standards.

Courses that make up the first year of Engineering at SPC are:

Term 1

  • CHEM 112.3
  • COMM 101.3
  • GE 101.1
  • GE 111.3
  • GE 124.3
  • MATH 123.3

 Term 2

  • GE 121.3
  • GE 125.3
  • MATH 124.3
  • PHYS 155.3
  • GEOL 121.3

Term 1 or 2

  • 3 credit units Junior Humanities or Social Science Elective

 It is highly recommended that students meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes. Please contact Student Services for more information.