An education in Arts and Science gives you the numerous skills and qualifications required to be successful in the workplace. You will develop skills in leadership, critical thinking, communications, problem solving, team building and project management. These wide-ranging and transferable abilities help you meet and exceed expectations in changing workplace dynamics.  The hands-on learning experiences give you the upper hand in today's ever-competitive job market.  St. Peter's College is committed to ensuring you the best possible educational experience. 

There are many different fields of study available in Arts and Science, look at your options at St. Peter's College in Arts and Science.  You can choose from English, Art, Economics, Chemistry, Religious Studies and many more. 

Many of you will want to fulfill the entry requirements to non-direct entry colleges such as: Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy and more.  Arts and Science is the college for you to take the classes you need for these non-direct entry colleges.  See what St. Peter's has to offer you!