Program Outline

The certificate in Entrepreneurship helps non-business students who want to have an introduction to critical and creative thinking in a degree-level certificate through a flexible and dynamic learning experience.

Students who complete the Certificate in Entrepreneurship will:

  • understand basic business principles;
  • be effective contributors to tea performance;
  • incorporate ethical considerations into decision-making and intended actions;
  • be entrepreneurial thinkers
  • prepare a business plan for a new venture.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is an eight-course program that can be completed as a stand-alone option or in conjunction with another degree. The program can be completed part-time or accelerated in as little as ten months. Students completing the program alongside another degree should consult with an advisor in their home college to understand how the courses fit within their program requirements.

Students admitted into the program must complete requirements within a ten year time period. Students returning to the program after an absence of five or more years may be placed under the curriculum requirements in effect on the date of readmission.

Admission Criteria: 

  • Required grade average: High school students or graduates must meet the minimum 5-subject admission average of 70%;
  • Current post-secondary students transferring in require a 60% average;
  • successful completion of Foundations of Mathematics 30 or Pre-Calculus 30 is recommended, but not required. 
  • English proficiency: If your first language is not English, you may have to provide proficiency in English before admission.

Program Structure

Required Courses (18 credit units)
COMM 101 Introduction to Business
COMM 105 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
COMM 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMM 204 Introduction to Marketing
Capstone Courses:
COMM 349 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
COMM 447 Entrepreneurship and Venture Development
Elective Courses (6 credit units)
COMM 203
COMM 205
COMM 210
COMM 211
COMM 304
COMM 345
COMM 347
COMM 348