St. Peter's College offers a Writing Diploma that is unique to the College. The Program includes courses of credit units that can be used towards a degree, while broadening student experience with non-credit professional workshops and an internship. The Writing Diploma is designed to create success not only for those who are pursuing writing as a career, but also for students following a variety of career paths in Arts and Science, Education, Law, Social Work, and other professions. Some take the Diploma purely for personal development.

Diploma students complete their first two years of university credit at the College. Students who already have a degree may earn the Writing Diploma by taking only the senior courses and the workshops, and completing the internship. The intensive study of writing prepares students to excel in their future studies and careers by teaching them to develop and present innovative ideas.

Summer Writing Getaways

During the summer St. Peter's becomes a haven for those involved in Culture and the Arts. These short courses attract a rich range of professionals who mentor writers and learners of all levels. The sessions are not graded and they are open to anyone interested in writing or learning to write. The seminars also complement the work that Writing Diploma students do as part of their university program.

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Information for writing getaways can be found here.

Diploma Requirements

  • 6 credit units of Introductory English
  • ENG 308.3 Creative Nonfiction I
  • ENG 309.3 Creative Nonfiction II
  • ENG 365.6 Creative Writing
  • 42 credit units of electives

Additional Elements Required

  • Three 12-15 hour St. Peter's College Workshops
  • Internship

Summer Writing Getaways

To qualify for the Diploma, each student takes at least three of our workshops through our Writing In Practice, a series of summer offerings. These short courses attract a rich range of professionals who mentor writers and learners of all levels. As these are ungraded sessions open to all members of the prairie writing community, the seminars complement the work that Writing Diploma students do in their university coursework.

The latest information on Summer Workshops can be found here.


The internship is the final component of the Writing Diploma. Students design their own projects in conjunction with faculty members and devote roughly 39 hours each (the amount of class time in one 3 credit unit course) to completing them. This provides students with practical applications for the skills that they are studying.

If you wish to learn more about the St. Peter's College Writing Diploma, get in touch with Student Services today by emailing or by phoning 682-7888!