Accelerate Your Learning

Learn all there is to know about starting university classes while in high school.

Benefits of Being an Accelerated Learner

The benefits of being an accelerated learner are numerous. Students who have enrolled in a university class while in high school have reported feeling:

  • More prepared for their first full-time year of studies
  • That they achieve higher marks in their high school courses
  • That they achieve higher marks in their courses when they become a full-time university student
  • More confident with the transition to University
  • More decisive with their program choice
  • More prepared for university

How it Works

Taking a university class as a high school student is simple. The staff at St. Peter's College and the University of Saskatchewan do most of the work and can guide you and your family with the entire process. The process looks something like this:

  1. You complete the St. Peter's College free application
  2. You reach out to advisors at St. Peter's College, indicating an interest to become an accelerated learner
  3. We assist you with your application to the University of Saskatchewan
  4. We work with admissions to ensure a smooth entry process
  5. We meet with you to look at what programs and classes you are interested in that work with your schedule
  6. Once admitted, we help you register for your selected classes

Accelerated Scholarship

The accelerated scholarship is offered to all high schools within the Horizon School Division and to Naicam High School. It allows students in their grade 12 year the opportunity to begin university at St. Peter's College with no cost in tuition. St. Peter's has a reputation of being the best transition to university, and this becomes even more apparent with the accelerated scholarship. Successful recipients of this prestigious award tend to achieve a high average in their class of choice and are more likely to succeed in their first year of university. This success comes because recipients learn how to adjust to the rigours of university within a small face-to-face class size and without overloading their schedules. With 3 credit unit university classes costing between $650 and $1,000 each, each accelerated scholarship for each student is valued at approximately $1,600.

Each school that is awarded the scholarship chooses up to two candidates to receive 6 credit units of classes each at St. Peter's College. Humboldt Collegiate Institute is awarded a total of four candidates. The first 3 credit units must be taken during the student's grade 12 year and, upon completion, the other 3 credit units are awarded to the student for the winter term of their first year of university while attending St. Peter's College full time. To become a recipient you must apply within your school by talking to your principal. The deadline for applications is June 1st, 2021 and a principal must nominate the student. The student's parent(s) or guardians must also grant permission. All necessary conditions and requirements must be met by the school and student for the scholarship to be valid. Completed scholarships can be emailed to

1. Can I use these classes at another institution?

Answer: Classes awarded by the accelerated scholarship are only eligible for redemption at St. Peter's College. Students will still be taking the same classes offered by the University of Saskatchewan but will do so at St. Peter's College in their small class sizes and individualized instruction. 

2. Can I use this scholarship in my 2nd year of university?

Answer: The scholarship cannot be carried over to future years of university. 3 credit units must be used in the fall or winter semesters of the student's grade 12 year. If the student chooses to spend their first year at St. Peter's College, they must take advantage of the scholarship in the winter semester of their first year.

3. Do I receive cash from this scholarship if I win it but only use part/none of the allocated credit units?

Answer: The scholarship holds no cash value and is used to reimburse tuition only. Students will not receive any cash value if the scholarship is not used. 

4. Am I only allowed to take 3 credit classes during my grade 12 year? Or can I take a 6 credit class such as art?

Answer: If the recipient chooses a 6 credit class as their class of choice, the scholarship will cover half of the associated tuition costs. The student will be charged the other 3 credit units. It is common for accelerated scholarship recipients to enrol in a class each term to get even further ahead in their studies.

5. What happens if I decide I don't want to take the class anymore? 

Answer: St. Peter's College understands that extenuating circumstances exist, and as such, students will not be charged for the class if they choose to drop it, but, they are expected to apply for the scholarship only if they intend to complete it. By being awarded the scholarship and choosing to not utilize it, you may be taking a class from a student who would have seen the class to completion. We recommend talking to the academic advisors and your professors to work out a solution that fits your needs.

6. I live far away and/or have a busy schedule. Is there any way I can take advantage of this scholarship?

Answer: As most instructors at St. Peter's College teach at the USask campus in Saskatoon or at other institutions, we have allocated each class a dedicated 3-hour block that occurs once per week. Some classes occur: 

     - In the evening soon after your classes end at high school (4:00 PM - 6:45 PM).

     - At night if you are busy with extracurricular or have to drive a distance (7:00 PM - 9:45 PM).

     - Every 2nd weekend if you are concerned about weekday times (10:00 am - 3:50 PM).

7. What about scholarships for people entering their first or second year of university?

Answer: Our other scholarships open on May 1st and run until June 21st. You can find information on these here.

8. My question is not answered within this page.

Answer: Reach out to Student Services at St. Peter's College by calling 306 682 7886 or emailing

Students will need to talk to their principal or career counsellor to complete the application. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2021.

Interested in learning more about accelerating your learning? View our YouTube live event on April 15th from 12:30 PM - 12:50 PM or sign-up for a reminder below.