Yes, our campus will be open and available for classes on September 3, 2020.

St. Peter's College is proud to announce that no COVID-19 cases have been identified in any on-campus or off-campus staff, students, faculty, board members, community groups approved for on-site access, or other stakeholders group. In the event that a case is identified, you will find updated information on this page. 

Yes, all St. Peter's College classes will be delivered in a hybrid system and can be successfully completed through remote learning or in-person delivery in consultation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.
Yes, all St. Peter's College classes will be delivered in a hybrid system and can be successfully completed through remote learning or in-person delivery. Students who primarily take in-person will have the opportunity to continue their studies remotely in the event they are unable or uncomfortable returning to campus.
Yes, students who primarily attend in-person who are no longer able or willing to attend in-person will be able to complete their courses through remote methods.
St. Peter's College is a small college located in Muenster, SK, that is affiliated to the University of Saskatchewan. St. Peter's College offers a strong educational experience for all those pursuing university studies and offers at least one-year of direct-entry programs for those interested with the University of Saskatchewan. Contact our advisors to learn how far in your studies you can benefit from St. Peter's College.
Yes, St. Peter's College is an affiliate of the University of Saskatchewan (USask). This means all St. Peter's College classes are USask classes taught by USask certified instructors. There is no transfer process involved.
Yes, all students who have applied and been accepted to the University of Saskatchewan are eligible to begin their education at St. Peter's College. International students must follow Canadian guidelines and self-isolate upon arrival to Canada. Contact our advisors for more information.
The most accurate information will come directly from the St. Peter's College website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or staff members. We encourage you to ask questions or to verify information by contacting Student Services or by reading our handbooks.


Fall Term classes begin Thursday, September 3, 2020.
Winter Term classes begin Tuesday, January 5, 2021. 

  • All in-person classes are hosted in classrooms with layouts designed to meet or exceed the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) guidelines
  • Our return to campus plan follows all SHA guidelines and was submitted for their review process
  • PPE such as sanitizer, masks, gloves, and so forth are provided and available for all students, staff, instructors and visitors
  • Cleaning has been greatly expanded throughout the College to meet or exceed SHA guidelines
  • Students uncomfortable or unable to return to Campus are able to successfully complete their classes through remote-learning as per our hybrid model
  • Student Services are available to help with any physical or mental health concerns you may have
  • Mask use is mandatory when on-campus. In the event that the provincial mask mandate from November 17, 2020, is lifted, our mask policy will stay active on campus grounds unless stated otherwise. 
  • Further details are available through our handbook

St. Peter's College accepts all students who have completed our application and have applied to the University of Saskatchewan. Applications are closed for the 2020/2021 school year.

Enrolment for the 2021/2022 school year is currently being accepted.

  • Class sizes remain small, with most classes ranging between 10 - 20 students.
  • St. Peter's College continues to offer their usual services and environment where students can successfully complete their classes
  • The Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) provides regular skill-building sessions that are tailored to each individual's needs
  • Students uncomfortable or unable to return to Campus are able to partially or fully complete their classes through remote-learning as per our hybrid model
  • Student Services frequently works with students, instructors, St. Peter's College administration, and St. Peter's Abbey to identify and address areas of concern
  • The college has expanded its technological capacity and is offering more wireless access points; a second computer lab; and additional projector, microphone, and video capacities for class delivery and recording
  • Academic or mental health advising is available at a moment's notice through phone, email, video conferencing, and in-person
  • Private or group study rooms are available for booking through the front office
  • The college offers students the opportunity to print on-site at no additional cost
  • Office hours are available in-person or through video conferencing apps
  • The student success handbook contains many additional tips, tricks, and helpful information

St. Peter's College offers at least one-year of full-time programming for all direct-entry USask colleges. Some students are able to complete up to two-years of studies at St. Peter's College. Contact our advisors to learn how long you can benefit from the learning environment at St. Peter's College. 

A full list of programs can be found on our website.

Since St. Peter's College is offering a hybrid form of delivery, students can attend class through remote delivery methods if unable to attend in-person classes. Contact your instructors and/or Student Services for details.
  • All those entering campus will have to successfully complete screening questions and to stay home if they are unable to complete the screening questions as part of our tracking and tracing initiative
  • Students and instructors will practice physical distancing in class
  • There will be little group-work this year
  • Students must sign-in upon entering the building as part of our tracking and tracking initiative
  • Attendance will be taken at all classes as part of our tracking and tracing initiative
  • Students will now have more physical space as part of their workstation in their classroom
  • Instructors are offering the opportunity to successfully complete your classes through in-person or remote methods
  • There will be PPE and cleaning supplies in your classrooms and throughout the college to allow further disinfecting and protection
  • There will be no guest lecturers until further notice unless a substitute instructor is necessary
  • If unable to attend classes in-person, you can keep up-to-date through the remote sections of class
  • The University of Saskatchewan is rolling out Canvas for 2020-21; some of your classes may utilize this software instead of Blackboard
  • Student Services will be following up with all students, whether in-person or remote, to build personalized education plans if necessary
  • Attend all lectures and labs whether in-person or remote
  • Stay on-task! Put the phone and computer away when not in use
  • Keep note of your physical and mental health
  • Don't cram! Complete your readings, assignments, and studying in-advance whenever possible
  • Reach out to your instructors and/or Student Services at the first sign of concern
  • Take advantage of your instructor's office hours, whether in-person or virtually
  • Attend relevant Academic of Excellence (ACE) sessions regularly
  • Follow the tips, tricks, and helpful information in the student success handbook

Student Residence

Yes, the residence will be open to students interested in staying on-site. The residence is currently at capacity as for the 2020/2021 year and a residence room will only be available if:

  • A current resident student moves out
  • The Saskatchewan Health Authority and St. Peter's College adjust their COVID-19 guidelines

Rooms are available for the 2021/2022 year, but there is a high demand for the opportunity. We suggest applying for residence as soon as possible.

No, we have frozen all residence and meal plan costs for the 2020-21 year. All residence offerings for the 2020-21 year are private rooms through apartment-style, and there are options for private washroom and showers. Rates for residence rooms for 2021-22 can be found here.
The most recent version of our residence COVID-19 handbook is available on our website.
Yes, residence students are still able to take advantage of their all-encompassing meal plan. Efforts have been taken to ensure you can do this safely, and you must wear yours or a provided mask while being served food.
No, due to COVID-19, access to residence and residence rooms is restricted to staff and residents only. Residence students are able to have other residence students in their rooms. Move-in and out days are exceptions for parents or guardians.
Yes, you can socialize with other students provided maximum room capacities, face masks, and physical distancing are followed. You will not be able to have non-residence students in the residence wing of St. Peter's Abbey.

Move-in day is Monday, August 31st and Tuesday, September 1st by appointment only.

Winter 2021 move-in dates are by appointment and set on a case-by-case basis.

Move-out dates are by appointment and set on a case-by-case basis. 

Yes, the kitchen will be open to provide the meal plan to the residence students. However, the kitchen will not be available to other students, staff, instructors, or College guests. Guidelines for foodservice as laid out by the Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Health Authority will be followed.

Please note that for the time being, masks are being required by students and guests when being served food.

Student Life

Yes, while some events may be cancelled or postponed as they cannot be safely held, they will be replaced with other appropriate events. Students will still be able to attend events and extracurricular activities that are designed and implemented in ways to follow Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines. 

Orientation was on Wednesday September 2, 2020. Further details will soon be released on our website, Facebook, Instagram and through email.

Students needing a private orientation beyond this date will have it scheduled on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Student Services are available through phone, email, video conferencing, or in-person to provide supports to mental health
  • St. Peter's College is a member of Healthy Campus Saskatchewan, an organization that focuses on monitoring and improving mental health within Saskatchewan post-secondary institutes
  • Student Services will be regularly reaching out to students and instructors as part of wellness checks
  • As a University of Saskatchewan student, you are eligible to contact Student Affairs and Outreach 
  • You are eligible to attend The Inquiring Mind, a free 4-hour workshop for USask students
  • Helpline posters are displayed in every classroom of the College for student use
  • Mental Health information pamphlets are available in the student lounge
  • If you are concerned about a student, call us at 306 682 7888. 
  • If you are in crisis now, please call 911 or any of the appropriate numbers on our helplines posters

Yes, students are welcome to practice their faith along with the Benedictine Monks at the St. Peter's Abbey church. We recommend reaching out to the Abbey or to Student Services for more information.
No, the Student Lounge will remain open for students to use. However, physical distancing and maximum capacities must be adhered to and furniture cannot be moved or relocated beyond its current spots.

Fitness Facilities

Yes, the fitness facility will be open for student use. Students must complete a PARQ form and a personal training session before use and adhere to all rules and regulations for use, which are designed to follow Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines.

No, the fitness facilities are reserved for full-time students and staff only. 

The fitness centre is currently open for student use. 

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

St. Peter's College is currently meeting or exceeding all post-secondary education guidelines presented by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Return to Campus plan was submitted for the review process to the Government of Saskatchewan.

The College will continue to adjust its handbook and rules & regulations as guidelines change.

Yes, all students, staff, instructors, and visitors are required to wear a mask while on campus. The full details can be seen on our website

Residence students are required to wear a mask when being served food.

This policy is subject to change by the College or the Saskatchewan Health Authority. 

If you are arriving to Saskatchewan inter-provincially you are not required to self-isolate days upon your return, though self-isolating and self-monitoring are recommended and testing is available by calling 811. Check with your local heath authority for more information, as other locations in Canada may have a self-isolation policy in place.

All persons seeking to enter the college must follow the guidelines listed on page 1 of the handbook at all times.

If you are travelling internationally, you must self-isolate upon your arrival to Canada and follow all government guidelines.

In the event a student needs to self-isolate, they will be able to complete their classes remotely. It is recommended that students reach out to their instructors and Student Services to help with this transition, as each self-isolation incident will be dealt with as a case-by-case basis.

It is recommended that the student self-isolate at their home where they are most comfortable, though if absolutely necessary, St. Peter's College and St. Peter's Abbey has prepared resources to help the accommodation process for those who are temporarily or permanently unable to return home.

If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, you must self-isolate.

If you have any concerns about having COVID-19 or requiring a test for it, you must not enter St. Peter's College and return home immediately. You should call 811 or talk to your family physician and follow their medical advice.

The Return to Campus plan is subject to change as guidelines and restrictions loosen or tighten. The most recent versions of our COVID-19 handbook and residence handbook are available on our website at all times.
  • The College implemented a mask mandate requiring all students, staff, and other visitors to wear adequate face masks at all times. 
  • All students, staff, instructors, and other visitors to the College are required to complete a screening check
  • Tracking and tracing measures include a screening check, a sign-in upon entry (including contact information), access cards for all students, classroom attendance, required room bookings, event attendance and registration, and more
  • All guests and members of the public are required to phone ahead to discuss entry procedures 
  • All in-person classes are hosted in classrooms with layouts designed to meet or exceed a 6-foot (2m) physical distancing requirement when seated
    • Another computer lab has been developed to further ensure our students have the ability to safely access resources for their education
    • A new classroom has been created in an area of 2100 sq. ft to accommodate our largest classes
    • Every table being utilized is 6 ft. long
  • All students, staff, and faculty have or will undergo training designed around safety protocols
  • All staff, students, and instructors are being provided with reusable cloth masks, as well as single-use surgical masks free of charge
  • Our return to campus plan follows all SHA guidelines and was submitted for the review process
  • PPE such as sanitizer, masks, gloves, and so forth are provided for all persons on-campus 
  • Cleaning has been greatly expanded throughout the College; all classes will be held in regularly cleaned and disinfected classrooms. All rooms will clearly indicate when they were last cleaned and disinfected
  • A total of 65* hand sanitizing stations have been ordered or installed throughout the College
  • Nearly 200* disinfectant spray bottles dispersed throughout the classrooms, computer labs, student lounge, library, residence and more.
  • Students uncomfortable or unable to return to campus are able to successfully complete their classes through remote-learning as per our Hybrid model
  • The College has a leadership team to review and respond to changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Guests to the College are being required to call in-advance and follow additional health and safety measures
  • Temperature checkers are on-site for when needed or requested
  • Plexiglass has been installed at our front entrance
  • Our main entrance is a touch-less entry point
  • Students are able to arrive at campus without the use of public transportation; ample free parking is available for all
  • Further details are available through our handbook

* as of March 22, 2021.

COVID-19 Handbook

COVID-19 Handbook
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Residence Handbook

Residence COVID-19 handbook
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Student Success Handbook

Student Success Handbook
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