St. Peter's College and the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan have committed to extending their partnership regarding the first-year of Engineering at St. Peter's College.

The University of Saskatchewan has rebuilt the first year of its engineering program so that students can gain the skills and knowledge they need for their degree and their career as a licensed professional engineer. With the many benefits that SPC already has in place for students and the new first-year program, students should find it supportive and a thorough and exciting first-year!

Particularly noteworthy changes to the program and the St. Peter's College offering are that there will be no final exams, a consistent schedule, and just-in-time learning so that students are given an excellent first-year experience that forms the foundation of a long career.


One of the largest changes with the St. Peter's College offering is that students who do not meet the minimum admissions average of 75% can still start the re-engineered program at St. Peter's College with a 70% admissions average. Students enrolling at St. Peter's College complete the first year of their engineering program and transition to the main campus in Saskatoon to complete years 2, 3 and 4 of their program. 

The College has offered the engineering program for 9 years and has developed a strong support system to allow students, of all programs, an opportunity to succeed. This belief is shared among the staff, student and faculty body, who well anonymously polled in 2021, indicated a unanimous agreeance. Put simply, this means that 100% of staff, students and faculty who responded believe that St. Peter's College offers the tools to be successful.

Students interested in enrolling in their first year of Engineering can learn more by emailing engineering@stpeters.sk.ca or by phoning (306) 682 7886. 

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