Our M.D. program is designed to ensure that participants graduate with a common foundation of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. This general professional education prepares graduates for subsequent education in primary or specialty care areas.

Preparing for Medicine

High school

There are no specific high school requirements for the Medicine program. However, as a four-year baccalaureate degree (any subject area) is required to apply for admission to Medicine, students should consider their degree interests and research the high school prerequisite requirements for the degree to ensure they have taken the required high school courses to complete the university-level courses.


  • Read through the Admission information below to see what is needed to be considered for admission.
  • While prerequisite courses are not mandatory, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete equivalent/similar courses (introductory level Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Sociology and Psychology) to ensure readiness for the basic sciences covered in the first two years of the undergraduate medical curriculum and to prepare for the MCAT as well. 

Admission information

  1. COMPUTER-BASED ASSESSMENT FOR SAMPLING PERSONAL CHARACTERISITICS (CASPer®): all applicants are required to complete an online assessment, CASPer®. CASPer is an online situational judgement test that assesses for numerous personal and professional characteristics and it will compliment other tools that we use. Altus Assessments has released CASPer Snapshot, an extension of the CASPer test to help aid in the admissions process. Our program will NOT be requiring our applicants to complete Snapshot for this admissions cycle, however, please note that because of its one-time completion, other programs you are applying to may require it. You can learn more about Snapshot at the CASPer site.
  2. MCAT: you will need to complete the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) before the application deadline and arrange to have all of your scores released to our office during the specified time. See below for more details.
  3. Four year Baccalaureate Degree Completed by April 30 and Awarded Prior to Entry into Medicine: to apply you need to have completed, or be in your last year, of a four year degree program.
  4. Admission average: the minimum admission average will change depending on your residency status.
NOTE: For complete information regarding the admissions requirements, please review the Applicant Information document for the pool in which you are eligible to apply.

Ready to apply?

Students must apply and be accepted to the University of Saskatchewan and St. Peter's College. The University of Saskatchewan requires a non-refundable application fee of $90 CDN before your application will be processed. St. Peter's College will process your application at no charge.