Gang Li

Gang Li


Gang Li is a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan. He has a Bachelor’s degree in material science with a focus on civil engineering materials.After finishing his Master’s degree on the topic of species transport in cracked concrete, he worked for two years as a research engineer developing and maintaining the onsite corrosion monitoring devices for a reinforced concrete arch bridge to monitor the corrosion affecting factors such as moisture content, electrical conductivity, and oxygen content


CHEM 112, CHEM 142.1

Gang Li’s current research interest focuses on the understanding and quantification of the major mechanisms governing the degradation of concrete structures and their implementation in models for predicting the service performance of steel-reinforced concrete infrastructures operating in harsh environments. He is passionate about bringing the value of research to industrial applications. He collaborated with industry partners (i.e., ZCI consulting inc., Sask Highways, City of Saskatoon, etc.) to develop reliable tools for life cycle cost analysis of civil infrastructures. The devices are used to predict the service life of structures and prioritize resources to meet safety and budget requirements. He exercised data science principles and machine learning techniques with databases of environment, carbon release, and material cost etc. to provide the stakeholders with service life prediction, optimized maintenance schedule, and methods to lower the cost and reduce environmental impact. He has shared these stories at the NACE conference, open lectures in the Saskatoon Engineering Society, and in mass media.