St. Peter's College will be hosting eight virtual information sessions that will cover St. Peter's College and will provide brief glimpses into what the four years as an 'x' student will look like, common concerns & advice of students, details to consider, and other program information. Students planning on attending the University of Saskatchewan or St. peter's College will benefit from these sessions. 

We are planning these events for the following tentative dates at 12:25 PM - 12:45 PM:

Oct 27 Kinesiology & Education
Oct 28 The 're-engineered' engineering
Nov 3 Business & Law
Nov 4 Agriculture & Vet-Med
Nov 5 Healthcare:
Nov 10 St. Peter's College - Why 98% of students recommend starting at SPC
Nov 11 Social Work & Criminology and Addictions
Nov 12 Arts & Science:
Fine Arts
Social Sciences

Registration is not required, simply join our Zoom Webinar below! 

Can't make the session? Then register for our in-person open house, speak to an advisor, or book a virtual or in-person tour!