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William Buschert Philosophy

I did my graduate work in political philosophy and the philosophy of technology at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto. I’ve also authored a number of articles in Research in Phenomenology, the Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, the Canadian Journal of Political Science and other academic journals. I’ve previously served in several different roles for the Canadian Philosophical Association and currently serve on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Practical Philosophy. I’ve taught at the University of Saskatchewan since 2001 in the Department of Philosophy and also, since 2002, in the Department of Political Studies (together with occasional courses taught for St. Thomas More College and the University of Regina). But, frankly, I still think of Toronto as home.

Apart from philosophy (but, really, is there anything that philosophy doesn’t connect with?), my main interests are art and music. In both of those domains – possibly as result of having overdosed on Kant and Clement Greenberg – I generally find form much more interesting than expression.