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Hello, I am Mojtaba Biniaz, I have been teaching at ST. Peters College for the last three years. I am born and raised in Tehran, Iran where I completed my Bachelor of Science in applied chemistry and also a Masters in Organic Chemistry.   I came to Canada 4 yrs. ago to work on a project with the University of Saskatchewan doing investigation and rational design of aldol reactions proceeding with high selectivity under Dr. Ward's supervision.   I do love doing chemistry and have dedicated my life to it because of the curiosity of seeing how molecules react and to develop new methods to synthesize biologically active molecules with interesting applications in medicinal chemistry such as antibiotics.

I have been teaching general chemistry labs 112 and introduction to organic chemistry 250 since 2010 and I enjoy teaching and helping people to understand that chemistry can be fun and exciting, I find that most of my students once coming out of the lab realize that chemistry is much more interesting than they expected it to be.  By doing simple but exciting experiments students have a better understanding of the phenomena's happening in their environments and in their daily life.

Please remember my door is always open if you need any help or do not understand anything please contact my office

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Classes: Chemistry 112 Labs  Chemistry 250 Labs