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Kim Cross Biology

Hi, I have been a biology instructor since 1994. I started at the University of Saskatchewan and have been instructing biology at St. Peter's College since 2001. I have been involved with instruction of many biology courses over the years. These include: Biology 107/108 (The Living Earth - biology for non-majors), Biology 110 (Introductory Biology, now Biol. 120 & 121), Biology 120 (The Nature of Life), Biology 121 (The Diversity of Life), Biology 211 (Genetics, now Biology 226), Biology 224 (Animal Body Systems), Biology 253 (Ecology, now Biology 228), Biology 263 (Population Ecology – no longer offered), BIOL 312.3 (Life in the North, now Biology 314) and Biology 350 (Honours field course).

I love teaching at St. Peter's College. My philosophy is students should always be the first priority. St. Peter's small class size and sense of community allow this philosophy to be easily fulfilled. In class I try to use everyday examples to keep students interested and throw in the odd lame joke just to make sure the students are awake. My passion for teaching has also extended into the community college setting, including Cumberland Regional College, Carlton Trail Regional College, North West Regional College and Northlands College. Biology is not my only field of interest; I have taught many computer and photography courses.

After spending a few years in Saskatoon, my wife, son and I returned to our rural roots (a small farm near Pleasantdale). We love the peaceful lifestyle of this setting and enjoy all the wildlife and beautiful scenery.

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I look forward to meeting you in class,
Kim Cross
Biology Instructor

Classes: Biology 120  Biology 121  Biology 224