Picture of  Joy  Agnew

Joy Agnew Engineering

Joy is excited to be a part of the engineering courses offered at St. Peter’s College. Joy got her B.Sc. in Ag/Bio Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in 2000 and completed her M.Sc. at the University of Alberta in 2002. She worked as a Research Engineer for three years before starting her Ph.D. back at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research area focused on manure management and gaseous emissions from the livestock industry. While finishing her Ph.D., Joy was a full time lecturer in the College of Engineering and discovered her love of and passion for teaching.

Upon completion of her Ph.D., Joy began working as a project manager at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) in Humboldt, SK. At PAMI, Joy manages the Applied Bioenergy Centre (ABC) and research projects involving grain storage and drying. Joy’s work with the ABC includes several waste to energy projects such as solid state anaerobic digestion, energy crop production, biochar production and utilization, biomass logistics and combustion. While working at PAMI, Joy has continued teaching at the U of S as a sessional lecturer and adjunct professor in the College of Engineering. 

Classes: GE 121  GE 124