On the afternoon of April 30, students registered in the 2020 Winter Term will receive an email explaining how to withdraw from winter term classes.
When students receive the email, assuming they have received their final grade in the class they would like to withdraw from, they will be able to withdraw from the class in the My Final Grades channel in PAWS. Once in the channel, students should select “Withdraw without academic penalty after reviewing final grades”. The screenshots below show what students will see.
In the email to students, we will ask them to review the following information before withdrawing from a class:
  • You can withdraw from a class only after you receive your final marks and until May 8, 2020.
  • Once submitted, a withdrawal request cannot be changed through PAWS. If you have questions about this, please contact an academic advisor in your college.
  • If you need help deciding whether or not to withdraw from a class, please consult an academic advisor in your college.
  • If you request to withdraw from the 2020 Winter Term portion of a multi-term class, you will automatically be withdrawn from the 2019 Fall Term portion of that class.
  • If you have a student loan in the 2020 Winter Term and withdraw from a class now until May 8, your student loan will not be affected.
Students can find more information about changes due to COVID-19 on updates.usask.ca. Under the For Students heading, you will find more information specifically for students.