Georgia Edwards shares her thoughts about St. Peter's College

Testimonial Tuesday: Georgia Edwards

It is Testimonial Tuesday season! Join us weekly as we showcase SPC alumni and see what they have to say about SPC.

Join us as we showcase a testimonial every Tuesday. This week's alumni testimonial is Georgia Edwards, a student who first began studying at St. Peter's in Fall of 2018. Georgia has since moved onto the University of Saskatchewan to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology with a minor in Biochemistry micro immunology. 

When asked about her thoughts of St. Peter's College, Georgia provided the following:

"My name is Georgia Edwards and I'm from Hudson Bay, SK, and I'm studying Arts & Science. I decided to move to Muenster and chose to study at St. Peters College instead of Saskatoon because it was closer to Hudson Bay and it had much smaller class sizes. With all the different science classes I’m taking I figured they would be very difficult.
Most people don’t know that St. Peter’s College ends up being more of a family than school. There's so few students that everyone knows everyone and you will look out for each other and do everything together."
Georgia is currently in her 2nd year of University. Best of luck with your future classes! 
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