2021-2022 Student Government

Student Government 2021-22

This years Student Government has been elected and is eager to begin their duties throughout the upcoming year.

Some things change as we maneuver through this unpredictable climate, but others are tried and true. So as the leaves fall and the air cools at St. Peter's College, the campaign for the 2021-2022 student council heats up.

This year there are nine representatives on the student body, all of whom ran to shape their educational experience. Joining them are also members at large who serve supporting roles. 

The student government will be in charge of fundraising, hosting events for student wellness, communicating student feedback, and much more. And even though students are safely studying in-person at St. Peter's College, new responsibilities of the student government this year include a goal of having events inclusive of remote learners and meeting all Saskatchewan Health Authority Guidelines. 

Being a member of the SPC Student Government requires a willingness to attend a 40-minute meeting weekly and other time commitments as necessary for event preparation, setup, cleanup, and more. Students will be awarded mention of their time as a Student Government member on their co-curricular record. 

 Your student government members this year are: 

  • President: DANICA KIEFER
  • Vice-President: LUCAS CHOQUETTE
  • Secretary: TAYLOR LUBY
  • Sports Director: VLAD YANKIN
  • Social Director: JULIA FRIE
  • Advertisement Director: KYLIE HRAPCHAK
  • Charity Director: DEVDAN CHEGUS
  • Common Encounter Representative: EMMA SCHILLER
  • Member(s) at Large: KEENAN ROSZELL


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