St. Peter's College students practicing a leg splint

Saving Lives

On a chilly Saturday morning, SPC students and staff took part in CPR and First Aid training.

On a cold and snowy weekend morning, St. Peter's College would normally be sleeping in. But on this particular Saturday, students came together to learn important lessons on how to potentially save someone's life. 

CPR and First Aid are important skills for all adults to have, especially those in university. Students will work multiple jobs, take volunteer positions, travel, and work with people in multiple areas. Having CPR or First Aid are assets to finding more opportunities and in being prepared as a 'just in case'. Being able to competently assess a situation and ensure a victims safety is a skill that cannot be undersold, especially in the harsh weathers and long-distances in Saskatchewan.

Students interested in studying nursing are required to be licensed in these skills - they will not be permitted into the program without it. The students at the College were lucky enough to participate in this workshop at a subsidized rate. 

Participants also receive another bonus: St. Peter's College is now the first, and only, distance college to be Co-Curricular Record (CCR) approved. The CCR is a personalized and official record of university-approved and facilitated activities in which students have been involved. Once students graduate they will be provided a second document, the CCR, along with their transcript. This document can be used to supplement a resume and showcases learning and service that took part outside a university classroom.

If you are interested in beginning your studies at St. Peter's College, please reach out to us. 

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