Dayo Oyinseye shares his thoughts about St. Peter's College

Testimonial Tuesday - Dayo Oyinseye

It is Testimonial Tuesday season! Join us weekly as we showcase SPC alumni and see what they have to say about SPC

Join us as we showcase a testimonial every Tuesday. This week's alumni testimonial is Dayo Oyinseye, a student who studied Engineering at St. Peter's College in the Winter of 2018 and in the 2018-2019 academic year. During his years at SPC, Dayo was very successful in his classes and frequently took part in events.

Dayo was awarded the Clem & Hedy Gerwing Bursary, one of five bursaries from $26,000 that is awarded to a first-year, full-time student enrolling at St. Peter's College. Dayo has since moved onto the University of Saskatchewan to continue his studies in a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.dayo-oyinseye-scholarship-winner-usask-engineering-st-peter-college.jpg

When asked about his thoughts of St. Peter's College, Dayo provided the following:

"My name is Dayo and I'm from Nigeria and studying my first year of Engineering at St. Peter's College. I chose to begin my studies with St. Peter's College because of the small size of classes and because it was easier to transition from a different country to St. Peter's College in Canada.

Some of the things I did for fun were going to the gym, which is really nice at the College. We played basketball with friends as well as dodgeball, soccer, and other fun things.

The main benefit of choosing St. Peter's College is that you get an opportunity to communicate with your professors and get a better understanding as you don't have a huge class.

I think the main thing that people don't know about St. Peter's College is the fact that most students, due to the size of the classes, tend to do better...

One of my biggest fears coming to Canada was that I was afraid I would find it hard to settle down because I would be a visible minority. One of my gears was the weather as well because I've never been in really cold weather before.

I applied for scholarships from St. Peter's College and I got a scholarship from the Gerwings for $7,000, which really helped a lot in my tuition.

My advice to any student coming to school in Saskatchewan is to spend their first year in St. Peter's College because it is an easier transition for you and it's easier for you to settle down when you do go to the city with the University of Saskatchewan." 

Dayo is now in his second year of Mechanical Engineering with the University of Saskatchewan and still keeps in touch with some of his previous classmates. Best of luck with your future 
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