1st, 2nd and 3rd-year engineering students in a building competition

Engineers on Campus

First-year engineering students at St. Peter's College were taken to the USASK Saskatoon campus.

St. Peter's College has long been known for turning over successful and prepared students, transitioning from the Muenster campus to the main campus in Saskatoon. Whether students are in Education, Pre-Nursing, Agriculture, or any other program, they can be sure that the tools for success and transition are provided at St. Peter's College.  

Engineers receive the same treatment, with small class sizes, a cohort-based design, financial support opportunities and much more, St. Peter's College is known to have an excellent Engineering program. St. Peter's College attempts to bring all their students onto the Saskatoon campus for a tour, to meet the faculty and staff in their respective college, and to transition properly to the campus. Engineers at St. Peter's can expect a trip to Saskatoon in the Winter semester for an event called program information night.

The program information night is an event where first-year engineering students learn more about the possible majors available to them. Engineering students with the University of Saskatchewan and St. Peter's College take a common-year during their first year, meaning they take general engineering, math, and science classes before declaring what type of engineer they'd like to be. This approach is generally supported as admission into programs is competitive, each program is vastly different, and it allows the student more time and experience to make the best choice.

Chemical Engineering Lab TourAt the event, the students will learn more about Engineering opportunities such as the co-op program, internship program, the certificates in Professional Communication or Technological Innovation, and the eight majors available to them. Students will learn about the co-op and internship programs before being introduced to the two certificates available. Students then have the option to attend two short seminars where a faculty member of each discipline breaks down the major and attempts to convince students to study in it. The most popular choices for students are civil and mechanical engineering. A civil engineer will tell you that 38% of engineers in Saskatchewan are civil and thus, there are plenty of jobs available, whereas a mechanical engineer will talk about salary potential and their necessity for the maintenance of infrastructure. The night in informational for all involved and helps craft the next generation of engineers.

Students testing audioEngineering students also took part in a campus tour, a tour of the Engineering building, and met their previous SPC engineering students to have a building competition. The competition put together first, second and third-year engineering students and tasked them with building the tallest free-standing structure in twenty minutes. The catch: It had to be constructed with only 25 marshmallows and raw spaghetti noodles. The winning structure topped 34 inches, and while wobbly, was free-standing.  

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