The St. Peter's College Student Government held a successful bingo fundraiser to fuel the next year's scholarship.

The St. Peter's College student government is an organization of volunteers meant to represent the student body. Their duties include communicating with administration, planning events for students & the community, and fundraising future scholarships. The student government of 1997-1998 left a legacy of awarding two $500 scholarships to students of financial need for the next year. The legacy has been repeated ever since and is now a tradition within St. Peter's College, funded through fundraising efforts throughout the year.

The bingo held on March 5th at St. Peter's College is an example of this fundraising - profits have been put aside to the next generation, grown by ticket sales, a 50-50 draw and community donations (list of contributors at the bottom). The community donated nearly 40 prizes to be awarded throughout the event. 

Being the first time a bingo has been held by a student government, hiccups did occur, but the night was declared a success as nearly one hundred participants played one of the 30 bingo games, ate food from the canteen, or were apart of the 50-50 or raffle draws.

The student government would like to thank the community, local businesses, fellow students and all attendees for their support of education and in promoting scholarships. 

Full list of sponsoring businesses:

  • Sobeys Humboldt
  • 1st Stop Auto Parts and Industrial Supplies
  • Tickle Trunk - Englefeld
  • Schulte Industries
  • Pink Zebra - Grace Christianson
  • CMI Terminal - Naicam
  • The Danish Oven
  • Main Street Music and Books
  • MPC Powder Coating
  • Lake Lenore Meats
  • Coop Humboldt
  • Strueby Agencies
  • Colony Chevrolet, GMC, Buick - Humboldt
  • Trims by Zimms
  • Park Lane Jewellery - Grave Christianson
  • Coop Muenster
  • Kemway Lanes
  • St. Peter's College
  • Affinity Credit Union - Muenster
  • A&W - Humboldt
  • Nutrien
  • Eastside liquidation
  • Twisted Tales
  • Viterra
  • Designer Styles
  • Case IH
  • Coop Naicam
  • Johnny's Bistro
  • The Lube Stop - Humboldt
  • Anonymous
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