Dilraj Singh Discussing St. Peter's College

Student wins $10,000 nursing scholarship

Dilraj Singh, a St. Peter's College student from 2019-2020, was the recipient of the Marvin and Dagmar Romanow Scholarship from the University of Saskatchewan.

St. Peter's College has held a long legacy as a champion of academic excellence for students. Dilraj Singh, a student studying pre-nursing in the 2019-2020 terms, was known by his professors as a hardworking, smart, and witty student. It came as no surprise to College staff and faculty when Singh broke the news that he was the recipient of the Marvin & Dagmar Romanow Scholarship from the University of Saskatchewan, which is believed to be the largest scholarship dedicated to nursing students in the province and one of the largest continuing awards that students can receive.

When asked about this achievement, Singh that "I definitely achieved one of the highest grades I've ever achieved..." and that "St. Peter's College actually challenged me to succeed more and do better."


Singh is continuing his education as a second-year Nursing student at the University of Saskatchewan's Saskatoon campus and claims that "starting at St. Peter's College actually really helps to transition to university" and would like to thank his previous instructors for their support. 

Student services officer Matthew Washkowsky has made mention that "entering and continuing students at St. Peter's College are very lucky to have access to numerous scholarships, bursaries and awards from the University of Saskatchewan that can be combined with the additional $90,000 that St. Peter's College offers. Both institutions are blessed with generous donors that support current and future students as they navigate their educational journey."

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