Open House 2020

On February 1, 2020, St. Peter's College hosted an Open House for all incoming SPC and University of Saskatchewan students.

St. Peter's College staff and students were happy to host our latest version of Open House. This is an event where students and parents come from across the province to learn more about the college and the University of Saskatchewan.

Both in and out of high school, students are pressured with a question: "What are you going to be once you graduate?" Sometimes students have an idea but nothing they're set on. Sometimes there is a student who 'just knows' what they are going to do. But more and more commonly, the answer tends to be 'I don't know.' That's where St. Peter's College steps in.

At Open House, students learn about the available programs at St. Peter's College and the University of Saskatchewan. It is an opportunity to ask questions to student services, faculty, and specialists leading in their field. The event is frequently attended by both parents and youth, both of whom ask the important questions:

  • How am I supposed to fund my child's education?
  • Can you help me find the right degree for me?
  • What jobs will this degree qualify me for?
  • Who do I see next?

The most common question at the back of participants minds is "can I spend the next year or two here for university?" The answer they find tends to be yes. Participants of Open House get to see what St. Peter's College and the University of Saskatchewan offer: An excellent education, a safe environment to grow, a successful transition to university, and the best university experience a student can be offered.

When asked about Open House, the student services department had this to say: 

"It's incredibly important for students and parents because a lot of things that need to happen for the transition to university have to happen during the summer. That is usually when you've graduated and your career counsellor isn't there and the finances are important as well," said Matthew Washkowsky.

"It's a high calibre school in a small community which makes St. Peters so intriguing to students in Saskatchewan. It allows students to stay home with family and save a bit of money," said Krystal Shutko.

Students and parents can ask their questions to more than the student services department. Other experts in attendance were Dr. Barbara Langhorst - Academics Programs Manager, Dr. Clay Burlingham - History instructor throughout Saskatchewan, and Dr. Glyn Kennel - Instructor of over 18 different engineering courses and 5x nominee of USSU Teaching Excellence Award. 

If you missed Open House but have questions or want a tour, please contact us for information or a tour.

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