Speaker Series - Andrew Hartman

As part of our regular speaker series, Andrew Hartman presented their latest research.

Staff, students, and the public were treated to a visit from ex-SPC staff Andrew Hartman (M.Ed, PhD student) as Andrew spoke about their research on shame, failure, and resilience.

The presentation was an insightful psychological examination around the emotion of shame, failure, and seeking help. Those who attended this presentation tapped into the lived-experiences of students' encounters with shame during their university journey. By the end, community members gained strategies they can enact to recognize, process, and move past their experiences of shame. 

Andrew provided two presentations, the first being privately held for St. Peter's College students during a provided pizza lunch, the second being a public open event for all to attend. Students interested in the field of psychology were particularly interested, as Andrew's university career began as a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Andrew Hartman is a community-based participatory researcher currently pursuing heir PhD. in Applied Social psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. Andrew is a previous St. Peter's College Student Services Officer and was excited to return home and discuss heir research. Since Andrew's time at the college, they have spoken across the country, including Saskatoon, Vancouver, Quebec City, Halifax, and other locations on their leading research around shame, youth homelessness, and gender-based violence. 

If you would like to be notified about future speaker series events or have questions about St. Peter's College, please reach out to us.

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