Embrace the Cold

Students at St. Peter's College beat the January cold with some rink time.

St. Peter's College students embrace the cold spell that infested Saskatchewan. St. Peter's College has a natural ice-hockey rink, meaning temperatures inside the rink are close to that outside. The rink is used primarily by community members, organized teams at many levels, and the general public.

Students at St. Peter's College are given the opportunity to enjoy the ice time as well. Given that Saskatchewan is a hockey province, many youth in rural and urban areas spend years honing their craft and playing in organized teams. Few carry on their passion outside of high school as semi-professional hockey players, and fewer still become a huskie athlete. For those that don't pursue these avenues, there are still opportunities to play.

Hockey is known for being an expensive sport but luckily St. Peter's College students don't have that problem. Students are allowed to enjoy ice time as long as it is booked in advance and they stay within the appropriate timeframes. 

So dress up warm, sharpen those skates, and find the times to go out for a state. 

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