Left to right: Winners Emily Barteux, Brenna Luke, Kinga Nolan

AgBio Challenge 2020 Winner

A competition that allows students to showcase their presentation, research, and innovative thinking skills!

Brenna Luke, a St. Peter's College (SPC) student pursuing a degree in Agriculture and Bioresources, recently won a $1,000 award for winning the 2020 AgBio Challenge at the University of Saskatchewan. The AgBio challenge is a long-standing annual event where eight teams of AgBio students create a presentation on a current topic in Agriculture. The presentation typically lasts for 15 minutes and is followed by a 5 minute question period before a panel of judges chosen from AgBio faculty, industry, and government. Brenna was paired with two other students, Emily Barteux and Kinga Nolan, for the event. Despite being strangers to one another, the three were able to claim the title of first place.  

The event is an excellent opportunity to combine theory, skills, knowledge, and research to make a name for yourself. Students who participate in the event are given the opportunity to network and showcase their abilities. 

Originally from the south of the province, Brenna spent a year living in Germany enjoying the culture, language, people, and activities. When she arrived back in Canada, Brenna brought strong German language skills with her.

Once back home in the land of the living skies, she made the move to Muenster to begin her university education. Along with her scholarships from the University of Saskatchewan, Brenna was fortunate enough to win several St. Peter's College scholarships. The fascinating fact about SPC and their scholarships provided is that students at SPC are also University of Saskatchewan students. This gives them the opportunity to 'double-dip' into both pools of scholarship funding and allows them more time, money, and support to excel in their studies. Without the generous donors fueling St. Peter's Colleges scholarships, these students would lose this remarkable advantage. If you are interested in supporting St. Peter's College and their students click here to discover donation opportunities.


Brenna is now a member of the St. Peter's College student government and is currently in the first year of her university studies pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture and Bioscience. She has expressed interest in becoming a licensed agronomist and assisting her family and friends with her newfound agricultural knowledge. 

If you would like to learn more about studying Agriculture and Bioresources, please contact St. Peter's College. For reasons why St. Peter's College is the best start to university, please click here for the stats and facts.

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