Achieving Honour Roll

23% of St. Peter's College students recently achieved the requirements to reach honour roll.

As Christmas loomed on the horizon, St. Peter's College students had the same thought: 'final exams are finally over'. We soon found out that over 23% of our full-time students had met the requirements for their College's Dean's Honour List.

It is important to note that these students haven't made the list yet, as the official list is not calculated until the end of the winter term. Each college has different requirements to meet the list, or even better, graduate with distinction. 

For Edwards School of Business, students require a minimum of 75% average to make the list. Agriculture? Bump that up to 80%. Engineering, a college that loads students up with more than the traditional 30 credit units, requires a 77%, with Kinesiology requiring 80%. Education and Arts and Science? Students need to be in the top 5% of their program.

A common plight among first-year students is that their marks have dropped a lot. But why are they not maintaining the 90s they had in high school? "Is it me, am I not smart enough?" is a thought nearly every university student has at some point -- the answer is, you are "smart enough," it's just that university has different standards than high-school. 70% is a good grade. An 80% is a distinguishing grade. To achieve this level of success, especially in the first semester of university in the first year, is an incredible accomplishment that deserves celebration. 

Why do St. Peter's College students achieve this level of success? Because of the SPC experience: small classes, award-winning professors, staff that go the extra mile, and the friends they make. The classrooms, study areas, and student lounge at SPC are often filled with students socializing, studying, and having fun. Celebrate success, you deserve it. 

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