The Drawing Room at St. Peter's College

New Art Classes Offered at St. Peter's College

St. Peter's College is offering four new senior-level art classes in painting and drawing. The classes in Fall are ART 220 and 222, while the Winter offerings are ART 221 and 223.

St. Peter's College has a long history of the liberal arts and has offered multiple drawing, painting, history, drama, writing, sociology, psychology, and other humanities courses throughout the years.

For the last several years the keystone art classes at St. Peter's College have tended to be ART 111, painting foundations, and ART 112, drawing foundations. These classes were often taken by aspiring artists pursuing a career, students looking to advance their skillsets, or members of the public looking to practice their passions.

Renown Artist Grant McConnel
Saskatchewan Artist Grant McConnel

Students who have completed the foundations and wanting to continue their pursuit of the arts have had the options of studying the intermediate painting and drawing options of ART 211 or ART 222. All four of the art classes previously mentioned held some common characteristics: They were offered by fantastic instructors at St. Peter's College, they had small class sizes, and they were six credit units, meaning they were held in both the Fall and Winter terms. 

Having a class spread over more than one term has certain advantages, such as the students having more time to grow in their skills and knowledge while the instructor is able to better tailor their course objectives over a longer timeline. 

There are, however, some road bumps associated with multi-term classes. Not all students are able to commit to a multi-term course if their required first-year classes do not allow it. Students must also start in the Fall, meaning any student who decides they want an art class during the winter is unable to do so. 

St. Peter's College and the University of Saskatchewan have now shelved the six credit unit ART 211 and 212 courses, with their replacements being three credit unit classes of ART 220, ART 221, ART 222, and ART 223.

These new art classes cover similar topics as their predecessors but are able to be taught in single terms, meaning members of the community and second-year or above students are able to customize their educational experience even more.

ART 220 and ART 221 are painting classes covering drawing and related work such as continued identification of concepts and methods in visual perception and expression through drawing, compositional design, graphic media, and more. 

ART 222 and ART 223 are drawing classes covering expression, structure, media and skills of pictorial art on a variety of materials.

Art 220 and 222 will be offered in the Fall term at St. Peter's College, whereas ART 221 and 223 will be offered in the Winter term. ART 111 and 112 will continue to be offered through the Fall and Winter terms. Students at St. Peter's College have traditionally had the opportunity to have their work featured in local museums and news, giving a boost to their motivation, portfolio, and experience.

Students, members of the public, and those in the area are encouraged to reach out and contact student services if they are interested in learning more art at St. Peter's College. Those interested can be of any age and ability level. 


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