The Medieval Feast is an annual tradition at SPC, typically hosted on the Tuesday just before Ash Wednesday, as a kickoff to Lent. Everyone is set back to medieval times where students, staff, & faculty of the college join the monks of the St. Peter’s Abbey for a large feast at the St. Peter’s Palace. All guests arrive dressed up fashionably for the times as they gather together to join the king, queen, and chancellor for food and drink in celebration of Lent. Just like the old times, meals are served in bread bowls and the only utensils at their disposal are spoons and hands.

Guests are entertained with live music and activities that really put us in the medieval spirit, including a challenge of wits. The event brings a lot of joy, laughter and silliness. It is an event that allows students to build social connections with their peers, the staff, the faculty and the monks of the Abbey.