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Alumni Report

Rebecca Costello, an alumni of St. Peter's College's writing program, reflects on her experiences at St. Peter's College.

Rebecca Costello was a student who began her studies at St. Peter's College in 2015 and completed two years of studies at St. Peter's College. As a graduate of the Writing Diploma program that St. Peter's has offered since 2004, she has put her talents, passion, and education to good use by beginning a personal blog for her thoughts and writings. When reflecting on her experiences at St. Peter's College, Rebecca had this to say:

"It's so crazy to think that it has been twoy ears since I finished studying at St. Peter's College, a place that brought me so much hope and excitement for the future. I'm still pushing and striving to do the best that I can, and am so grateful to the people in my life who've pushed and encouraged me this far."

Rebecca is one of thousands of alumni from St. Peter's College, and her feelings that St. Peter's brought her hope and excitement are not unique. Over 98% of our previous students would recommend studying at St. Peter's College. If you've got a passion for writing or to begin your studies, why not get in touch with our student services officers at 306 682 7886?

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