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30 Years of Sage Hill Writers

From July 2nd to July 12th, St. Peter's College was host to Sage Hill writers from across the province. Sage Hill has recently celebrated their 30th year anniversary and will be having a summer reading series on July 20th and July 22nd at 8:15 PM at St. Peter's College.

Sage Hill writers flocked to St. Peter's College for a getaway during July 2nd to July 12th. Throughout the college, writers could be found honing their craft and progressing their publications. The non-profit charitable organization has ran for 30 years, with a goal of providing professional development for writers of all ages and levels of their career. The organization boasts over 900 alumni who credited over 600 published books that are a direct result of attending Sage Hill programs.

St. Peter's College is no stranger to writers within its century aged brick walls. St. Peter's College has been home to Dr. Barabara Langhorst, an author, passionate writer, and professor for over 13 years. Dr. Langhorst heads St. Peter's College two-year writing diploma and has hosted The Society for many years, all in an effort to further progress writers. Dr. Langhorst has also published two books herself, the first, Restless White Fields (NeWest 2012), won Poetry Book of the Year Awards in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Her latest book, Want (Palimpsest Press 2018), is her debut novel that was shortlisted and a serious contender for the 2013 Regina Public Library Book of the Year award.

If you are interested in purusing your writing as a passion, hobby, or career, then St. Peter's College is the place to start for you. If you are wanting to learn more about the Sage Hill writers, stop in at St. Peter's College on July 20th or July 22nd, both at 8:15 PM at St. Peter's College.



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