2021-22 Update

St. Peter's College will be continuing its offer of hybrid classes for all classes in 2021-22. This model allows students an option between attending in-person or remote options.

St. Peter's College will continue to offer in-person classes through a hybrid delivery for all classes for the upcoming academic year, which offers students the choice between attending in-person or remotely. Students will not need to commit to one form of learning over another and are encouraged to plan their courses and preferred delivery methods in whichever way best correlates to their academic and personal success. It is also possible to adjust your preferred mode of delivery part-way through a semester by simply informing student services and your instructors of the change.

Hybrid learning allows students of all backgrounds the opportunity to take advantage of the class offerings at St. Peter's College, which are known for their smaller class sizes and the opportunity to form a strong rapport with your instructors. Scholarship offerings will also be made available to students attending in-person or remotely, with applications closing June 21st. 

The Return to Campus 2021 plan, which is still under development, will be guided by the same focus points as the Return to Campus 2020 plan; safety, choice, and student wellbeing. Students in the 2020-21 terms were kept safe through diligence in adhering to the health and safety guidelines, which resulted in zero known cases of COVID-19 in the student, faculty, staff, or Abbey body. Students had a choice in their method of class delivery, which offers them flexibility. Finally, students had on-campus opportunities available whenever safely possible, such as the fitness facilities, student services, and student government-hosted events. As more information continues to be known about COVID-19, the vaccines, and health and safety guidelines, the College will update its plans to ensure that students have the most opportunity in these three areas. 

Similar to 2020-21, the student residence and meal plans will remain open to incoming students that wish to stay on-campus. Other services, such as student services, fitness facilities, the library, study spaces, the student lounge, events, and more will be made available at the fullest extent to students, so long as it aligns with health and safety guidelines and the risk of transmission is kept minimal.

As always, it is the expectation of St. Peter's College that all those attending in the Fall follow the advice and guidance of the Saskatchewan Health Authority as we continue to update the 2021 Return to Campus. You can do your part to protect yourself and those around you by following all public health orders, occupational health & safety guidelines, and additional precautions offered by the College. 

It is important to note that the most important step that students can take to prevent COVID-19 and keep themselves and others safe is through the vaccination effort in the province. The Saskatchewan Health Authority has indicated that by July 31st, all Saskatchewan residents will be able to be fully vaccinated with two doses. This will provide ample time for the effectiveness of a full vaccination to take effect, which will be just in time for student orientation and the 2021 Return to Campus. You can stay up to date on vaccine information through the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Incoming and returning students will be updated through the following weeks and months as we near course registration and scholarship deadlines. If you have any questions regarding the 2021-22 term you can reach out to student services or email admissions@stpeters.sk.ca for assistance. 

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