Return to Campus 2020

We are re-opening! St. Peter's College has completed our Return to Campus plan in a way that allows us to provide the successful in-person environment that our students are accustomed to, as well as a remote learning option that offers our incredible instructors and classes throughout the province.

St. Peter's College has made numerous changes to allow students an opportunity to attend in-person classes and receive the top-quality academic, residence, and student life experiences that our students are used to. All operations have been adjusted to meet the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan and all Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines.

Details can be found in our handbooks below, under our FAQ page, or by contacting Student Services directly.


Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about our planned return to in-person classes.

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Navigating the first years of university is a difficult task by itself, and COVID-19 has only increased the difficulties and questions you might have. As a measure to help our students succeed academically and to follow all rules and regulations, we have developed three handbooks:

  • Our COVID-19 handbook covers the rules and regulations all students, staff, instructors, and visitors must adhere to.
  • Our COVID-19 residence handbook covers the rules and regulations that students living on-campus must adhere to.
  • Our Student Success handbook contains tips, tricks, and helpful information about how to navigate St. Peter's College, the University of Saskatchewan, and the student lifestyle.


COVID-19 Handbook

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Residence Handbook

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Student Success Handbook

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