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Core Sample: a workshop with Martha Baillie

Date: March 24th – 26th, 2017 in Rm. 219, St. Peter's College


  • $234.00 (Earlybird Writing Diploma Student discount price before Feb 15th); 
  • $260.00 (Earlybird price up to Feb 15th); 
  • $325.00 (Regular price after Feb 15th)

Minimum of 6 participants | Maximum of 12 | Accommodations available before March 1st

Martha Baillie's three-day writers’ workshop, Core Sample, will explore possible approaches to writing a novel. Character development, narrative structure, voice, and sentence-craft will be examined. Mornings will be devoted to discussion of excerpts provided by Martha, the completing of assigned exercises by participants, and talk about such subjects as cultural appropriation, sources of inspiration, originality, editing, stamina, ethics, and the marketplace. Martha may use the work of contemporary visual artists to stimulate discussion of structure, fixity, shape, tension, and perspective in novel writing. Participants will be asked to bring an object of emotional significance, and two samples of writing they admire (one humorous, one not). After lunch, each day, Martha will meet with participants on an individual basis, to discuss the manuscript they have underway or hope to soon begin.

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