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St. Peter’s College’s innovative Head Start programming bundle is custom designed to give first time, re-entering, and mature students the information, the self-awareness, the strategies, and the resources to get the most out of a university education. Our Head Start Programming can be tailored to meet the student’s study interests.

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Head Start

Head Start programs are short courses ranging in length especially created to ramp up students’ skills in particular areas. Biology Head Start is popular with those entering Health Science studies, Environmental studies, or Agriculture. The Chemistry Head Start is a great fit for a range of programs from Health Sciences to Engineering. Finally, a must for students whose programs are math intensive is the Math Head Start which provides a tune up from basic math skills to the calculus content required for math success in many university programs.

The final two Head Start sessions work to help bridge the gap between high school and university learning. Students in the Academic Writing Head Start will revisit grammar, preparing students for common pitfalls in university. Additionally, students will explore writing styles and expectations for university level writing. Participants in the University Prep Head Start will explore time and stress management, learning styles, and study skills. These intensive experiences are designed to help students strengthen the foundation of their learning and to introduce the supports available to them throughout the year.

Head Start programs can be bundled together and taken as a group, or taken separately depending on need.   

  • Math Head Start - August 20-24 2018 ($100)
  • Biology Head Start - August 27-28, 2018 ($50)
  • Chemistry Head Start - August 29, 2018 ($50)
  • University Prep - August 30, 2018 ($25)
  • Academic Writing - August 31, 2018 ($25)
  • All five Head Start programs ($200)


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If you have questions, feel free to contact Student Services at St. Peter’s College about our Head Start programs. Call (306) 682-7886 or email admissions@stpeters.sk.ca.