Offered in cooperation with the Edwards School of Business (Edwards), The Business Administration Certificate (BAC) is a part-time, eight course program. It is designed to expose students to a broad array of business topics. The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the business environment and provide fundamental business knowledge in the areas of marketing, human resources, financial management, and strategy. The BAC has been recently revised to better meet your needs and prepare you for the demands of today’s business environment.

The Business Administration Certificate will:
  • Provide you with the latest in business knowledge
  • Enhance your professional expertise
  • Advance your career through the acquisition of a business credential
  • Broaden your understanding of management
  • Expand your professional network and increase your confidence in a variety of business situations
  • Enhance your skills to start or expand your own business
  • Provide you with the tools and techniques to tackle business issues and engage opportunities.

Courses that make up the Business Administration Certificate at SPC are:

  • BAC 11 Introduction to Business (COMM 101)
  • BAC 14 Business Communications (COMM 100)
  • BAC 15 Human Resource Management (COMM 211)
  • BAC 16 Financial Information for Decision Making (COMM 201)
  • BAC 25 Managerial Marketing (COMM 204)
  • BAC 37 Business Decision Making (COMM 306)
  • BAC 38 Business Strategy (Capstone)
  • Free elective - choose from - BAC 35 OR BAC 29 OR BAC 28 (COMM 105) Or one other University elective at the discretion of the Program Director.

Please contact 306.682.7888 for more information about courses and the BAC.

"This experience changed my perspective, personally and professionally. It gave me value for what I do on a day to day basis and it made me more confident in the ideas, thoughts and direction I'm taking my business and my career in."
-Tyler Moss, 2008 BAC graduate