Religious Studies

RLST 112.3 (97)

Western Religions in Society and Culture

CRN:  85497

Term: 1 (3 lecture)

Time: Monday, 7:00 pm - 9:50 pm

Professor: Lesya Michalina Sabada


Come and spend a university term at St. Peter’s College, situated in the beautiful fields near Muenster, Saskatchewan. Learn about the sacred rituals and feasts of primal religions scattered around the globe.   Transport yourself to Africa and meet a real Maasai warrior.  Explore how exciting, exotic, mystical and beautiful the world’s religions can be.  Travel back into the milieu of the ancient Middle East which first gave birth to Judaism.  From that sacred religion sprung forth Christianity and Islam, the two greatest missionary religions of the world.  These three monotheistic faiths have more adherents than any other religions, sharing almost half of the world’s population between them. Study witchcraft, meet spiritual healers and shamans, swaying Jews, rebel virgins and desert mothers, and swirling dervishes. See the architectural triumphs of magnificent synagogues, domed churches and arched mosques. Gain a deeper appreciation of the past, present and future reality of many of the people on planet earth. Be inspired!


Students with credit for RLST 110.6 may not take RLST 112 for credit.


RLST 210.3 (96)

Religion and Ecology

CRN: 26688

Term: 2 (3 lecture)

Time: Tuesday, 7:00 pm - 9:50 pm

Professor: TBA


This course explores the interplay between a number of religious traditions and ecology by taking a cross-disciplinary approach to the evaluation of issues of complicity, responsibility, guilt, reconciliation and restoration in human-Earth relations. 


3 credit units RLST or 18 credit units at the university level