Indigenous Studies

INDG 107.3 (97)

Introduction to Canadian Native Studies

     CRN: 85566

Term: 1 (3 lecture)

                  Time: Friday, 1:00 pm - 4:50 pm

Professor: Elaine Hulse


This course aims to develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills of students and provides the background necessary for taking advanced Native Studies courses. It presents an overview of Aboriginal societies in Saskatchewan and Canada through course lectures, seminar discussions and experiential learning activities that link processes of the past with contemporary Aboriginal life and issues. The course material will be delivered in 6 modules. Each module will cover a two-week period and will be taught by a faculty member of the Department of Native Studies. The modules will cover topics such as: Aboriginal Peoples in Saskatchewan, stages of colonization, pre- and post-contact periods, Aboriginal kinship systems, the fur trade, the Treaties, the Indian Act, residential schools, Metis nationhood and land issues, the Federal White Paper Policy (1969), Bill C-31 (1985), Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal land claims, Aboriginal economic development, Aboriginal urbanization and Aboriginal gender issues.


Students with credit for NS 105, NS 106 (formerly NS 110), or NS 107 may not take this course for credit. This course was labeled NS 107 until 2015. All students in this course will participate in an experiential learning activity, which will require 3-5 hours to complete.